NILED s.a.e:

An Industrial Philosophy based on quality

NILED s.a.e. was founded in 1968, on the idea of an electrical connector as a technical solution to the connection systems of that moment.

The company has followed a line of performance that has allowed to evolve as much economic as industrially to improve continuously its products and processes, incorporating technological elements and contributing systems of greater yield..

Nowadays, NILED is specialized in the design and the manufacture of accessories for power distribution networks of electrical energy, having reached the leadership of the sector market and a recognized prestige on the power utilities companies worldwide.

Our company is evaluated and certificated according to the requirements of the standard “ISO 9001”by AENOR, that credits to international level and supposes for us a great satisfaction but it mainly means a guarantee of future in the quality of our products and a better service. (“Company Registration” ER-528/1/97.)


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