Fixing screws for aerial networks of B.T

Conexión intalación cl 1 Niled

Conexión intalación cl Niled

Product references

References Utilization Screw Dimensions(mm) Taco Dimensions(mm) Washer Dimensions(mm) Pack.
TF-10 Facade 10x70 12x60 12x2,0 100
TF-12 Facade 12x80 14x75 24x2,5 100
TP-618 Post 16x180 Screw M16 32x3,0 10
TP-622 Post 16x220 Screw M16 32x3,0 10
TP-626 Post 16x260 Screw M16 32x3,0 10
TP-630 Post 16x300 Screw M16 32x3,0 10
Wall installation, Niled
Pole installation, Niled
Corrosion strenght, Niled
Mechanical strenght, Niled

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