Compression tools

Utiles compresión Niled 2

Utiles compresión Niled 3

Utiles compresión Niled 3

Product references

ReferencesToolsSection (mm2)Application
T-140PH-56-25Mod sleeves. MJPB Kg
T-173PH-516-70Sleeves and terminals mod. CPTA/U Kg
T-215PH-580-150Sleeves and terminals mod. CPTA/U Kg
T-215CPHC-12 ó PHU-1270-120Mod sleeves. MJPT
T-173CPHC-12 ó PHU-1225-50Mod sleeves. MJPT
T-277CPHC-12 ó PHU-1216-70Mod sleeves. MJPT
PHU-1225-95Mod terminals. TA/U
PHU-12120-150Mod terminals. TA/U
PHU-12PHU-12185-240Mod terminals. TA/U
Reusable, Niled

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