Dead-end clamp by conicity subjection system and protected anchoring cable

Anclaje Pinzas DN Niled

Product reference

References Section (mm2) Ø max. Maximum Load Pack.
DN-50/15 25/50 12-15 800 daN 25
DN-95/15 25/50 15-17 800 daN 25
DN-150/15 120/150 17/20 800 daN 25
DN-240/15 185/240 20/24 800 daN 25
Patented, Niled
Pole installation, Niled
Corrosion strenght, Niled
Mechanical strenght, Niled
No tool required, Niled
Climatic resistance, Niled
No lusable parts, Niled
Nominal voltage, Niled
No manipulation required, Niled

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