Connector with independent contacts and tapping module that allows, 1,2 or 4 connections in tension

Conexión derivaciones raa p+d 2 Niled

Conexión derivaciones raa p+d 1 Niled

Product reference

References Network section (mm2) Derivated Section (mm2) Tool Pack.
P-11 16-150 1x1,5-35 CL-13 40
P-12 16-150 2x1,5-35 CL-13 40
P-14 16-150 4x1,5-35 CL-13 20
P-21 70-240 1x1,5-35 CL-13 20
P-22 70-240 2x1,5-35 CL-13 20
P-24 70-240 4x1,5-35 CL-13 20
Potential free screws, Niled
Troque control, Niled
Troque control, Niled
Insulated cables, Niled

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