Insulating piercing connectors for L.V. underground networks

Conexión Derivaciones rs rs 1 Niled

Conexión Derivaciones rs rs 2 Niled

Conexión Derivaciones rs rs 4 Niled

Conexión Derivaciones rs rs 5 Niled

Product reference

References Network Section (mm2) Derivated Section (mm2) Tool Pack.
RS-25 50-95 10-25 CL-13 20
RS-35 150-240 10-25 CL-13 20
RS-50 50-95 25-50 CL-13 20
RS-70 150-240 25-50 CL-13 20
RS-95 150-240 50-95 CL-13 20
RS-150 95-15 95-150 CL-13 10
RS-240 150-240 150-240 CL-13 10
Patented, Niled
Tension works, Niled
Insulator piercing, Niled
Niled, dielectric strenght
Potential free screws, Niled
Simultaneous clamping, Niled
Underground installation, Niled
Corrosion strenght, Niled
No manipulation required, Niled
No lusable parts, Niled
Troque control, Niled
Troque control, Niled
Ip68 Niled
For insulated and sheated cables, Nield
For insulated and sheated cables rv, Nield

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