Terminals (AI/Sn) for industrial networks B.T and M.T.

Product references

References Sections (mm2) Tools
TA-25 25 M+P-95
TA-35 35 M+P-95
TA-50 50 M+P-95
TA-70 70 M+P-95
TA-95 95 M+P-95
TA-120 120 M+P-150
TA-150 150 M+P-150
TA-185 185 M+P-240
TA-240 240 M+P-240
Patented, Niled
Dielectrical strength, Niled
Independent clamping, Niled
Corrosion strenght, Niled
Climatic resistance, Niled
Troque control, Niled
Niled, neutral greased contacts
Troque control, Niled
Insulated cables, Niled

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