Niled s.a.e quality policy has for mission the industrialization of products with a degree of competitiveness that allows us to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, shareholders, employees, and collaborators, contributing to social welfare, to be recognized as a business reference in the sector for the quality of our products, the ability of our professionals and for the values, we practice.

Therefore, the following general objectives should be pursued:

  • Achieve, maintain and continuously improve the quality level of our products.
  • Improve our processes in relation to the requirements of the quality system.
  • Ensure compliance with customer requirements, including legal and regulatory requirements, in the products supplied.

Experience has taught us the achievement of these objectives is the result of the daily work of each member of the company. For this reason, since its creation Niled s.a.e has based its business philosophy on a fundamental pillar: “The person” as the essence of the company.

So in mutual trust, we must consider ourselves as managers with responsibility within each job, and at the same time feel that we are collaborators in a plan of shared objectives.

We understand that integrating quality and productivity can only be achieved by adding self-control, intelligence, and motivation. Undervaluing creativity, ingenuity and knowledge is a luxury we cannot afford.

Niled s.a.e is not stranger to the permanent evolution of the industry, and in this sense, we integrate a flexible, modern, and efficient organization where only quality and human resources are able to give our customers the highest level of satisfaction with our products.

It’s evident that the achievement of this goal in a stable and lasting manner is not, in any case, the result of improvisation. On the contrary, it is the consequence of the disciplined and constant instrumentalization of planned quality.

In this spirit we have designed the quality system (ISO-9001), to serve all the employees of our company as a daily guideline of behavior and industrial discipline, which leads us to the improvement day by day and that the work well done becomes a habit of life.

There is no doubt that a driving force behind the final quality of our products is the raw material received from our suppliers. Aware of this importance, we have developed a purchasing system to help our suppliers achieve the level of quality we expect from them.

November 2018